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December 2005-2013 Future Shop (Broadway, Bridgeport, Coquitlam), BC

Senior Computer Service / In-Home Tech

In 2006, helped launch the In-Home computer service program, which became part of ConnectPro in July 2008.  One of the top rated techs in Canada, with a top rankings on customer surveys and received many customer commendations.

Serviced all brands of desktop and notebook PCs, virus and spyware removal, and selling computer services. Technical support for sales staff. Front counter diagnostics.

Service and training on PCs (Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), Macs (iMac late PowerPC models and Intel models through 2013, MacBooks and MacBook Airs), iPods, iPads, iPhones, and a variety of Android and other tablets, Harmony Remotes, Smart TVs, Digital Camera, Routers, and various other consumer electronic devices.

Setup and training of software and cloud services such as Microsoft Office, and other office suites for Windows and OSX, Photo editing software (PhotoShop, Paintshop Pro, iPhoto, iMovie, Window Live, etc.), iCloud, Google Apps, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and more.

1983-present Don Lekei Consulting, Delta, BC

Technology Consultant

Cross discipline technical consulting for a variety of clients. On-site computer and network service, virus, malware and threat analysis under the brand. Setup of wireless, VOIP Networks, DSL, cable, dial-up and satellite networks. Running various web, email and specialty servers and services, plus managed services.

Researched and negotiated Virtual ISP services for West Coast Teltech.

Internet software development and web site development, web marketing integration, system analysis, computer system sales and integration.  User interface design for unique display constraints, and specialized communication, display, and client/server or server/slave technologies. Embedded control, battery chargers, prototype development.

Services for clients have also included consulting on marketing materials, technology selection and implementation programs, contract review and negotiation, specification review.

Business networking, preparation of marketing, advertising, and other support material.

2002-2008 A Life Enhancement Mobile Wellness Services, New Westminster, BC

Technology and Marketing Consultant, Mobile Wellness Practitioner

Prepared marketing, advertising and sales support materials including writing and negotiating partner, subcontractor, and management agreements. Consulted on development of all business and marketing plans.

Developed and maintained all Internet, network and information technology, including database support for customer management, Internet visitor tracking, partner branding and tracking and other advanced systems.

2001-2002 Sweeperz Home Detailing Services, Langley, BC

Strategic Planner

Developed business and marketing plans, marketing and advertising materials and developed and maintained all internet, network and information technology.  Wrote proposals and successfully obtained government grants. Developed, installed and maintained on-line customer tracking, IMAP and POP mail servers, DNS, web based email and scheduling.

2000-2001 Vortex Business Software, Inc., Vancouver, BC

Internet Technology Specialist

Integrated and evaluated third party services such as webmail and domain registration into a web service and debugged web service software.

1999-2000, Inc., Vancouver, BC

Build Master / Internet Services Manager

Planned, deployed and maintained web servers and services on a network of sites. Developed, reviewed and managed the implementation of deployment plans to ensure uninterrupted service and security.  Trained staff on and developed traffic analysis and data collection processes.

Maintained Apache and IIS servers. Developed and researched new technologies and Internet services, mentored developers in advanced HTML, Javascript, VBScript, perl, Unix shell, XML, ASP techniques plus data collection, security, and privacy practices. Mentored developers on implementation of XML based content management system.

Duties included review and cost analysis of development and service contracts, plus all security and service continuity issues.

1997-1999 Infonet Software Solutions, Inc., Burnaby, BC

Advanced Internet Services

Designed, planned and developed Internet oriented services. Developed and consulted on advanced messaging application technologies based on a variety of Internet standards. Developing advanced, cross platform, browser-based products, Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT based development and server technologies. Senior Javascript/HTML trouble-shooter. Reviewed all design specifications.

1995-1997 Cyberion Networking Corp., Surrey, BC

Technology Specialist

Developed complete Internet software suite CD (wrote software, licensed and integrated third party software and wrote installers). Developed UNIX CGI program to automatically customize and localize Internet Explorer. Created installation procedures for DirecPC™ satellite Internet system. Prepared seminars such including  "Making Email Work For You" and "Internet Business Tools". Evaluated new Internet software and hardware. Performed satellite data system installation and support, and preparation of seminar materials for high-speed Internet sales.

1987-1995 NII Norsat International Inc., Surrey, BC

Multimedia Product Manager (Starting position: Senior Software Engineer)

Specified and/or designed and/or developed digital audio network receivers, NTSC and PAL satellite receivers, addressable video, audio and data satellite, MATV equipment. Designed FEC protocol and digital multiplex systems. Developed high-speed data extraction and descrambling ASIC for EBU 3258 data streams and DMAC receiver. Also firmware, and Microsoft Windows based drivers and complete user interface software. Developed single PIC 16C84 based set-top cable converter for the international market.

Duties included sales support for large international clients and review and specification of engineering contracts. Project manager and team leader.

Developed company web site. Instituted on-line support program.

1986 Control Technologies Inc., Richmond, BC

Microprocessor Systems Designer

Developed flight control and telemetry system and communication protocol for R.F. data channel. Duties included hardware design, assembly language, C, and FORTH programming.

1982-1986 Solidus International Corporation, Surrey, BC

Director of Engineering (Starting Position: Programmer / Analyst)

Designed group I-III fax card, serial communication protocol for shared hard drives with distributed processing, single ASIC and personal computer with integrated direct synthesis NTSC video high resolution colour, graphics, system, control, image compression and translation software, and a GUI fax/Telex/data terminal, complete personal computer graphical operating system and BASIC interpreter, Sysres-64™, Solidex, anti-piracy software, and a variety of operating system elements.

1980-1982 Cansoft Data Inc., Burnaby, BC

Programmer/Analyst, Consultant, President.

Duties included contract programming, hardware design, management, international marketing, packaging design, advertising artwork, assembly language and I/O programming. Projects included real-time data analysis, multi-processor operating system, telecommunication software, 3-D film animation, accounts receivable system, and custom CAD/CAM system, Sysres operating system enhancement, and one of the first BBS programs.

Was responsible for all client sales plus marketing and advertising.

1978-1980 Conti Electronics Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Head of Service, Retail Sales, Programmer

Created service and diagnostic systems and designed custom systems for customers. Gave seminars and talk shows on subjects such as multi-processor software, assembly language and I/O programming. Developed marketing materials. 

Responsible for all inside and special computer sales and achieved top CBM computer sales in Canada.

1974-1978 Radio Shack Penticton, Kelowna, Vancouver

Sales and Service

Designed project kits. Serviced and installed CB radios, RADAR detectors, computers, stereo systems.


Electronics Engineering Technology, Okanagan College, 1978.
Unix System Administration, Learning Tree, 1995.
Computer Network Architectures and Protocols, Learning Tree, 1990.
Certificate in Fundamental Electronics, RCA Institutes Home Study School, 1974.
Retail Selling (Adult Education)
Marketing (CBDB)
Salesmanship (Tandy)

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